Coogi Prestos

These precious Sneakers are handmade from Coogi-Sweaters.

Each Pair features a different part of the colorful Knitting and is unique.


The Pattern will be described in the Product Description.Please read the Description carefully!

The Shoes will be limited to one Order per Customer.


Due to the high Demand I decided to drop any Limitation -  with having limited production Ressources though, I will have to apply a monthly Limit of 5-10 Pairs, depending on my current Order Situation.

Each new Slot on this Website will be announced on My Instagram Tornschuhjette.


As soon as you order the Shoes, a Pair of Base Shoes in the demanded Size and Materials will be ordered.

You can get Photo-Updates via mail anytime.


The whole manufacturing Process takes an estimated 4-6 Weeks, then the Shoes will be shipped to you double-boxed and ensured.

Shipping Costs apply depending on the Destination.


If you have any Questions before Ordering , do not hesitate to contact me via Email.



Coogi Presto Shop

Presto Customization "OG Coogi"

The Upper of this classic Sneaker Silhoutte will be replaced with Coogi-Sweater Material.

Material Pattern Samples can be seen in the Product Description.

Please be sure of the Sizing before Ordering, no returns can be accepted.


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